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Scholarship Program

Page Family Scholarship Program

The Page Family Scholarship Program provides opportunities for kids to attend Camp LT, the toughest camp in Texas. Camp LT is a 4-day elite training and performance camp that combines leadership development by Tomlinson Center for Leadership instructors (US Marine Drill Instructors) to produce better team captains with elite training and position work led by former NFL and collegiate athletes and coaches to hone an athlete’s football skills and make each athlete a better player and a better person.

Camp LT is held at TCU in the school’s first-class indoor facility. Campers go through a real collegiate camp-type setting, staying in dorms, practicing and working out multiple times per day, and learning from film sessions taught by former NFL and college players. In addition to the leadership and skills training, Camp LT includes LaDainian’s Xplosive Power Program. This program provides players with the exact techniques and training methods that made LaDainian one of the most dynamic and durable players in the game. The functional training system combines the perfect combination of dynamic stretching, range of motion, and speed drills to unlock every athlete’s XPLOSIVE POWER.

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